Brief Review of How PC Bangs Helped in the Evolution of Esports in South Korea

While South Korea is recognized as the birthplace of esports, the country’s PC Bangs played a formative role in the development of highly skilled competitive gamers. PC Bangs, if literally translated in English means personal computer rooms. Actually, they are South Korea’s versions of Internet cafes but better.

PC Bang operators kept their establishment up to date with the latest and most advanced gaming equipment and accessories. To make playing in a PC Bang even more enjoyable and convenient, gamers can order food and eat in their respective place, so they will not go hungry during ongoing friendly competitions.

Esports Began as Local PC Bang Tournaments

When gaming online, especially in massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), it’s important to use computers with the fastest and most responsive gaming processors. This became even more important after some enterprising PC Bang operators came up with the idea of holding local tournaments.

The events all the more encouraged young Koreans to improve their gaming skills and elevate their levels, Otherwise, a team looking to compete in local tournaments will not consider “accepting” weak players as members. Mainly because every role played by each player is crucial in overpowering the enemy team.

It largely helps that in prominent Korean cities, it’s common for PC Bangs to have the most advanced PC to use for gaming. Even the choices of food improved, giving gamers more than just choices of chips, candies and canned soda drinks. PC Bang menus commonly included instant ramens, fish cakes, corn dogs, spicy rice cakes, kimchi rice, and other popular cafeteria foods ordered by young Koreans.

As developers and publishers saw the potential of tournaments as the best way to promote their games globally, esports eventually became a full fledged sports competition. As the turn of events has it, South Korean gamers excelled, which enabled team members and sponsors to collect substantial amounts in winnings. In the year 2000, the government of South Korea passed legislation that recognized esports as a legitimate sport, while playing as an esports competitor is a legitimate profession.

What Does the Concept of Eating Imply in Online Toto Betting?

In recent years, the term eating has also been linked to online toto betting sites in South Korea. However, unlike in PC Bangs, eating has negative connotations because several local online sports betting and online casinos simply took in wagers, only to disappear without paying local gamblers their winnings.

The operators of these sites merely created another online gambling website, using a new name. In most cases, came out with offers of bonuses and rebates in order to entice more local bettors. Since sports betting in South Korea is legal only if wagers are staked in the government-operated Sports Toto and Sports Proto betting platforms, many Korean gamblers looking to win greater prizes are easily enticed by the bonus offers.

Unscrupulous operators never really give their money’s worth, as they hold off paying the rewards while continuing to encourage the placing of bets until the winnings have been eaten away. Reviewers of online casinos call them eat and run toto sites to distinguish the legitimate betting platforms. A toto site highly ranked in a list of safety playgrounds offer has been ascertained as a 먹튀없는토토 or meogtwieobsneuntoto (Toto without eating). They are then recommended as safe and secure major betting platforms, to protect Korean gamblers and esports gamers from scammers that perpetuate predatory gambling.