You might have heard that casinos are prohibiting people to take photos inside their establishment. Well basically, this is an old rule. These days, you will easily see photos being taken inside all the time.


Naturally, you will be stopped, more so if you are alone, if you fail to ask permission or if you are taking photos of other players you do not seem to know. A person who is taking photographs of the slot machines are considered to be a security risk.

Basically, the casinos are not entirely worried of being exposed of their secrets to win or whatever algorithm they are using for their games.

Rather, casinos simply don’t tolerate this type of behavior. An individual who is taking pictures of shuffling or cash handling may be planning illegal. This is why they are being prohibited and more likely a target among casino security.

What’s Allowed?

On the other hand, if you are taking snaps of big events such as a player who have won the jackpot or simply showing the casino floor without other people’s faces be recognized, a selfie or groufie having fun, then these would likely be allowed by the casino and you at the same time can enjoy the moment.

Simply put, you have to know the ethics of what to be taken and not from your camera when inside a casino building.