If we are going to take a closer look at gambling these days, you’ll notice that it has taken many forms, from land-based casinos, online casinos and even in mobile games. For hundreds or if not thousands of years, gambling has actually been in existence and thus, linked to our history.

The Start of Gambling

In ancient China, it is where the indications of the rudimentary games were discovered in form of tiles, in Egypt, the oldest known dice were excavated by researches while in Roman and Greek, there were scenes of pottery that indicate betting on animal fights was a fairly common activity.

With all these things said, it is safe to say that humans have innate love for gambling at every available opportunity.

In China above everything else, it’s believed that playing cards were initially played in 9th century. Even so, the games being played are unknown and cards have little resemblance to what we are using today. Often, the cards were decorated with human forms but as the games begin to spread in parts of Europe, Queens and Kings were added, which is quite common in the playing cards we are seeing today.

Order in Games

And as gambling keep spreading on different societies and cultures, it continuously evolved and now has been regulated and organized.