As soon as you’ve become aware that you may eventually turn out to be a problematic gambler, you might feel guilty and ashamed of yourself. Self-harm and self-blame could double the stress you are feeling and even urge you to engage more on gambling activities.

Plan of Attack to make that Change

Rather, seek assistance while you still have a chance. In the event that gambling is causing issues in your life, there are several things that you may do.

Record Your Gambling Activities in a Notebook (Diary)

This will help much in understanding what the main problem is. Here, be transparent about everything from:

  • Type of gambling activities you engaged most
  • How much time you are allotting towards gambling and;
  • How much you likely spend when gambling

Write your thoughts, feelings, situations that occurred from pre, during and post game. This will help you realize what is causing your addiction.

Identify Goals

Setting your long and short term goals will help you be focused and clear on everything. Basically, make you see what you can cut out and give out in gambling.

Steer Clear of Risky Situations

This may include activities like taking out loans, using credit cards, using the gaming venues to socialize, bringing large amount of cash, gambling as response to your emotions. All of the said behaviors would weaken your logical thinking in resolving how to stop or control your gambling activities.