There has been several researches showing that people typically gamble for a number of different reasons, with economic and social reasons. Other motivations that are pushing people to gamble are varying as per their individual characteristics and at the same time, to the kind of gambling activity being offered.

Not only that, broad economic and social theories have failed to explain why there are some gambling activities that are more popular and thus, causing more addiction than other game titles.

No Concrete Explanation

Many experts would agree that gambling is multifaceted than being a unitary phenomenon. Ultimately, there are countless factors that might come to play in plenty of ways. With such, different level of analysis has to be used like:

  • Psychological
  • Biological
  • Social

Theories might be leaning more on complementary style than being mutually exclusive. This suggests the limitations of the individual theories may be overcome through combination of theories and concepts from different point of views.

It’s more than what meets the Eye

More often than not, this is discussed in terms of distinction between distal and proximal influences upon gambling or recommendations for electric approach to gambling. For the most part though, discussions are more descriptive than analytical.