Online Gambling Still Going Strong in Thailand as Pandemic Gets Worse

Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha had expressed openness to proposals of legalizing casino gambling early this year, but the country’s Gambling Act remains unchanged. The Thai PM was concerned that illegal gambling continues to flourish amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Kia Party’s push for legalization is based on research surveys, which revealed that each year, avid Thai gamblers spend as much as 40 billion baht in casinos of neighboring countries. While many cross borders, others simply take to gambling online.

However, the movement to legalize other forms of gambling in Thailand has been largely opposed by the Stop Gambling Foundation (SGF). The lobby group is wary that despite the potential taxation benefits for the country, the harmful effects of gambling could far outweigh such benefits.

As Thai lawmakers continue to debate on the pros and cons of legalizing casino gambling in the country, Thai gambling and gaming enthusiasts remain unperturbed with the lack of progress. After all there are now online gambling sites remotely run by Asian gaming operators. Many of them are licensed and regulated by neighboring countries like the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Growth of Online Gambling in Thailand Amidst the Enduring Pandemic

Online gambling has actually developed into a well-established and regulated global industry. Technological innovations have made it possible for foreign-based gaming operators to provide gamblers around the world with a safer and more convenient alternative to land-based casinos. More so now amidst the enduring and worsening pandemic.

Actually majority of Thai’s gambling public now prefer the gaming platforms of Asian operators. Mainly because the products, services and payments systems have been digitally localized to meet the needs and gaming preferences of domestic gamblers.

While Thailand today remains as one of few Southeast Asian countries that have not legalized gambling, recent global gaming surveys revealed that 60% of the country’s 70 million population still engage in gambling activities regarded as illegal under the nation’s Gambling Act.

What Thai Gamblers Consider as the Best Online Gambling Sites

While there’s a growing list of online gambling platforms offering betting products and services to Thai gambling enthusiasts, only a few can be considered as the best or เว็บพนันออนไลน์ ที่ดีที่สุด 2021. There are actually some criteria that a gambling website must meet in order to be seriously considered as such.

First off, the remote gaming site must be regulated and periodically audited by an established and reputable gambling authority dedicated to supervising remote gambling operators and their platforms.

Secondly, the site must have security features that ensure the privacy and confidentiality of every Thai gambler’s personal information and gambling transactions. The use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a must, since the Thai government has ordered Internet Service Providers to block access to remotely operated gambling sites. Moreover, the encrypted messages sent via VPN make monitoring difficult for the government’s cyber experts. .

Accessibility by way of mobile phones and gadgets is also an important criterion. Mobile gambling allows Thai gamblers to engage in gambling recreation anywhere and any time it is convenient and safe for them to do so.

A localized payment system is also vital since processing of deposits and withdrawal of winnings take less time. An added advantage to using local Thai payments systems is the elimination of foreign currency conversion fees when using Thai baht to place an equivalent amount as deposit in foreign currency.

If there is one thing that local Thai gamblers find convenient in an outstanding gaming site, it is the availability of customer service support in Thai language. This feature boosts the confidence of Thai players when accessing the online casino games and virtual sport books, since help when needed, can be communicated in Thai vernacular.