TrueVisions’ Broadcast Deal with AFC Fuels Thai’s Passion for Football Betting

Thai football lovers almost missed the chance to view the ongoing AFC Champions League, were it not for the media rights deal between AFC with TrueVisions. Due to the economic hardship wrought by the pandemic, Thai TV broadcasters were unable to clinch sponsorship deals for the live airing of the spectacular 2021 AFC Champions League matches. The electrifying results of the 16-round playoff between football clubs in the E Division has sent many sports bettors placing wagers on the country’s football leagues.

All’s well and has ended well as TrueVisions has been airing the regional tournament organized by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) since June 23. The tournament is already in the semi-final stage and about to enter the final stage on Sunday, July 11, 2021 .

The Chief Media Officer of True Corporation, Ongard Prapakamol, expressed delight on behalf of the True Group, over the media rights partnership with AFC. Being the leading provider of digital content in Thailand, the AFC Champions League 2021 and the AFC Cup has broadened the range of exciting sports content that True delivers live to Thailand’s sports enthusiasts by way of the company’s Over-the-Top (OTT) services.

TrueVisions already has an impressive portfolio of sports content, which includes the English Premier League, America’s National Football League, (NFL) the National Basketball Association (NBA), Grand Slam Tennis, Formula 1 Races, the PGA Golf Tour, World Snooker and the Badminton World Federation tournaments.

What’s Keeping the AFC Champions League Exciting for Thai Football Fans?

The ongoing 2021 AFC Champions League has been a source of stimulating entertainment for the football-loving people of Thailand. Thai favorite Chiangrai United is still alive in the Group H field, vying to land a spot as one of the top three finishers of Group H. Although Chiangrai was no match for reigning champion Jeonbuk of South Korea in today’s (July 07) game, Thai football fans would not have missed watching the playoff for anything .

Another participating Thai football club, BG Parthum United has kept its hopes of staying alive in the Group F knockout stage after the team beat Vietnam’s Viettel FC two days ago. On Thursday, BG Parthum hopes to claim another victory when it meets with the Philippines’ Kaya – Iloilo. However, Ulsan, another South Korean football club is also in the lead in Group Fs round of 16 playoffs.

Wagering on the outcomes of the AFC Champions League games is part of the entertainment. Although the Thai football clubs are still behind in terms of scores, their performances have been worth taking a gamble on. After all, the returns are higher if the Thai football leagues can beat the odds of winning against South Korea’s formidable leagues Jeonbuk and Ulsan.

Still, betting on football games must be done with caution in Thailand since gambling is still very much illegal in the country. Those who do so, opt to place wagers at online sportsbook UFABET, which offers secure mobile gamling by using VPN technology

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