Slots RTP: What Is It?

Slot Machines


Slot machines and casinos have an RTP that is used by experienced players to learn about long-term success. One of these RTP metrics is the payback percentage. Another key figure is RTP. This value is mainly used by experienced players who want to know more about the long-term chances of winning.

The RTP – What is it?

RTP stands for Return to Player and provides the information needed to understand slot machine payouts. For example, the return to player rate of 96%. This means that the player gets an average of €0.96 back every time he or she plays; the machine keeps 0,04 €. So the higher the return for the player, the higher his chance of winning. At Live RTP, you can see exactly the RTP of each game that you want to play.

Although the RTP is a theoretical value, it rarely applies to actual roulette tables. For example, if a player places his entire bet on a color or number, he can double or not double his balance and accordingly lose everything or win everything. This value should therefore not be understood as a guarantee.

A distinction is made between withdrawal fees and RTP, which, for example, provide definitive information about the state of the casino. Especially in the beginning, reality and RTP are very different. The more runs you play, the closer you get to the RTP.


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What is the RTP value of the game?

RTP values are very important for players as they provide direct information about the long-term winning potential of slot machines. However, its importance should not be overestimated. If the payout rate is very important, no one will play the lottery. The game with the lowest payout rate (50-70%) in the entire game segment. There are two reasons why RTP is not important:

First of all, luck still plays an important role after many runs. Real profit losses usually do not correspond to RTP values. Second, all gambling by definition is based on the player’s assumption that he will win by luck, not by mathematical or analytical skills. Indicators such as RTP play a subordinate role for most people. In particular, the regularity of RTP values only becomes apparent after hundreds or thousands of games.

However, experienced casino players can get used to the RTP of online slot machines before betting the first euro. After all, nothing means a low RTP value. This only has advantages for banks or ATMs. An RTP of 80 to 90, regardless of whether the player is lucky or not, means that for every dollar wagered, there is a dime difference of 10 cents. Especially for regular long-term players, this can mean a difference in the balance between plus and minus.