Risks When You’re Addicted To Online Casino Gambling

Sarah Sokolova Nany1982

You don’t just get addicted to 온라인카지노 Gambling. It often starts small and harmless. For you, it is a nice relaxation or distraction. Just like watching TV or playing sports can be. However, the addictive element makes gambling dangerous. You go to the casino more and more often or just visit the gambling website with great regularity.

The risks of gambling at a glance

If you limit your gambling to the occasional game when you want to relax or find a distraction, there is little to worry about. The problem is that it often doesn’t stop at that one game a week. The risks of gambling are greater than you probably think. We name a few:

Money problems

You have lost a few times and want to earn back the money with that one big hit. So you keep gambling so you often only lose more money. Sometimes so much that you can no longer pay your mortgage or rent.

Mental health problems

If you are not feeling well and are gloomy or anxious, gambling initially feels like a nice distraction. Unfortunately, it has a strengthening effect over time and you will only feel worse. You can then develop psychological problems such as depression or anxiety.

Social problems

Your gambling can put a strain on your social life. You get conflicts with your partner, parent(s) or friends. You spend more time on your gambling than on your social relationships. It can also happen that you get conflicts about money that you borrowed from people but still have not paid back.

Physical problems

If you gamble a lot, your body may protest.

You spend hours in front of your laptop or on your phone, causing headaches or pain in your neck and shoulders. You can also get a stomach ache or sleep badly because of the stress. You often suffer from several complaints at the same time and you start to feel worse.

When do you have a serious gambling problem?

All of these risks of gambling can lead to you developing a gambling addiction. Something you would of course prefer to avoid. But how do you know if your symptoms really indicate an addiction? You only recognize a gambling addiction if you know what the signs of a gambling problem are. Do you recognize yourself in these signals? Then it’s time for action!

Seeking help: self-test and treatment

If you suspect that you have a serious gambling problem, it is wise to do something about it. On our site, you can do a gambling addiction self-test for free and without obligation.