Secrets To Winning On Slot Machines

Sarah Sokolova Nany1982

If you’re a regular slot player, you’ll know how hard it is to win at slots. It’s not always a matter of luck: some people have developed a strategy to winning at the slots. But if you are willing to try some simple strategies, you can win more often. These strategies are meant for slot players visiting a land-based casino. But this couls also work for slot played on online casinos.

What you have to understand is that a slot machine is a computer that’s programmed to take in money but pays less in the long run. Therefore, it is safe to say that you are not going to win against a slot machine in the long run.

Tips to Winning on Slot Machines

These tips will help you run your money last longer, the longer you play, the more chances of hitting the jackpot.

  1. Always join the players club. You’ll see a lot of bad information all over the internet about the players club. Regardless of this bad information, note that casinos place the players club for a reason. The players club would get players to play as long as they can and this is exactly what the casinos want. Plus, you get a lot of bonuses after you play and they will make your play more worth it. Try to cut down the casino edge if you play slot machines. Make use of their free play and rebates. Plus you are eligible for more gifts.
  2. Set a budget. The worst thing that you can do is not to set a budget when you have set your mind to play in a casino. You want to be realistic with the budget that you set. So set a budget and don’t go chasing comps. So if you are a quarter player don’t chase on dollar slots. Your expected winnings may be higher but your expected loss will be higher too. So set a budget and stay within the parameters of that budget.
  3. Don’t always bet the max coins. There are some times that you should bet max coins but there are also times when you shouldn’t. If you are playing on one of these penny slot machines that have these crazy wide-area progressives where you can win millions of dollars, you’re gonna want to bet on max coins because if you are not, you’re just building up that progressive jackpot for somebody else to win.
  4. Speed kills. This means that the faster you play the machine, the more money you put into the machine, and the more losses you incur from the machine. So slow down your rate of play.

Be eligible for the bonus rounds. Bonus rounds are important for two reasons: you are not betting any money, there’s a payback percentage on the base game and on the bonus game so playing the bonus game makes you eligible for the highest percentage winnings.