Why You must Learn eSports Betting Now?

If you want something to complement your online casino gaming experience from https://linkpoker.online/, then something as new as eSports betting would be a wonderful choice! As a matter of fact, there are more and more people who are starting to know about eSports and the industry as a whole. Because of the hype it is generating, it has been able to generate over a billion dollars of revenue just in 2019. Aside from that, new professionals are competing in multimillion dollar tournaments which are also watched by countless of people all over the globe.

Like with any sport followings, it does not take that long for people to place their bets on it. These days, there are plenty of exchanges and bookmakers as well that are offering tons of eSports category that anyone can bet on.

Should You Doubt Betting on eSports?

If you are still reluctant to jump on the bandwagon, then the following may help in clarifying everything.

Reason number 1. It is a Booming Industry

Despite eSports’ massive numbers, it’s still at its early stage, particularly if you are going to compare it to horseracing and football. There is no sign though that its growth will stop, especially with the continuing growth of its audience and player participation.

At the same time, compared to other sports there is, it could be played at any time of the year. Meaning to say, there is no reason to wait for another season to begin.

Reason number 2. Everyone has an Easy Access

The fact that there are many top-tier eSports clashes happening simultaneously in a year, being able to find something to tune in is quite easy. This is true since regular matches as well as big tourneys are being streamed free on several websites like Twitch. This is an obvious comparison between conventional sports where it typically requires fans to subscribe to premium service.

Reason number 3. It’s the Same, but Gives a New Taste

What is frequently surprising to people who are new to eSports is, there are tons of available markets that are also the same to markets that they are going to find in traditional sports

Reason number 4. Bet with Your Crypto

There are some websites that are actually allowing people to bet on their favorite eSports category with their cryptocurrency. This ranges from popular ones similar to Ethereum to specialist cryptocurrencies similar to SkinCoin. With this, it expanded the options on how one can make their bets.