Online sports betting: substitute in the Corona Era

Sarah Sokolova Nany1982

It cannot be denied that this coronavirus has affected almost every person around the planet. Gamers and sports betting fanatics are nowhere to go to enjoy their games or betting. Nonetheless, there is the online sports betting as a good substitute.

Sports betting and online casinos: similarly good chances of winning

With good sports betting providers, the odds key for popular games is around 95 percent. For marginal sports and in the lower leagues, the odds can also be lower, but should not fall below 90 percent if possible. Online gambling at reputable casinos offers even better chances of winning. The payout ratio on the slot machines, just like the top sports betting, is around 95 percent. With some table and card games, payout rates of up to 99 percent can even be achieved. So it is quite possible that the chances of winning for users who have switched from sports betting to online gambling through the coronavirus are now even better.

Improve the chances of winning

Convinced sports betting fans often claim that they can influence the expected value of their bets themselves through a detailed analysis of the available information and a careful comparison of the offered betting odds, which would not be possible in online casinos. However, this is only partially true, because of course the outcome of the slot machine depends solely on chance, but other online games of chance such as blackjack, judi online or video poker allow the player to actively influence their chances by, for example, deciding which ones of the dealt cards he keeps. Just like with sports betting, there is also an online casino from different providers. For example, it is possible to choose the best available bonus offer, and you can also register with multiple casinos and use multiple bonuses.

Online casinos are a good alternative to sports betting

The coronavirus and the associated restrictions in competitive sports ensure that many betting customers switch to online gambling. The slot machines, table games and of course the live casinos offer a lot of entertainment and sometimes even better chances of winning than sports betting.